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Hear the premiere of Holy Pinto's new song 'Adult #2'

Today we are premiering the song “Adult #2” from Milwaukee musician Holy Pinto. The song will appear on Holy Pinto’s upcoming full length album, “Adult” that will be out March 8.

As you may have figured out, "Adult" is about, well, growing up. Holy Pinto, who is Aymen Saleh, was raised in Canterbury England where he formed the band with his best friend Ryan. Just a couple years later, under circumstances that we’re not really sure if he even knows, he’s living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and continuing the band without his better half.

“Adult #2” is the song that closes out the album. Midway through, the song almost resigns, ending on a note of shame, but just as it’s at its nadir, it picks up into march that turns into a run that bursts wide open, finishing with a chin up, looking out and concluding that “the best is yet to come.”

We hope so too. See Holy Pinto at Cactus Club for the “Adult” release party on March 9.