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Watch this 9-year-old girl drum her heart out to Nirvana's 'In Bloom'

Within the last year, drummer Nandi Bushell has hung out with Questlove, performed with Lenny Kravitz and been featured in an ad for the British retailer Argos. Oh, and she's nine years old.

The drumming prodigy and rock and roll enthusiast from Ipswich, England has been posting drumming videos online since she was six years old, and her latest release shows her drumming alongside Nirvana's 1991 classic "In Bloom." It is, frankly, delightful.

The video has it all: impeccable timing, mind-melting screams and a very satisfied smile right at the end. For added context, the British and Zulu rock star shares that she's a big fan of Dave Grohl and School of Rock, which she calls "the best film in the world." Rock on, Nandi.

Story was written by NPR's Marissa Lorusso

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