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International Women's Day Playlist: (Some) Women on Survival

About 6 months ago, I left a position at a domestic violence nonprofit to join the fundraising team here at 88Nine. These days, I run our membership drives and help to make our membership experience as fun and engaging as it can possibly be.

While I love my new position and team, I'm still very interested in the issues around gendered violence and trauma recovery and that's what led me to choose a theme for my International Women's Day playlist: (Some) Women on Survival.

Listen to my set with Dori Zori below.

Let me start with a disclaimer: nonbinary people and men are survivors too, and I don't think this small playlist is the defining art on this topic. My goal here was to spotlight some of the music that's spoken to me most, and particularly songs from artists about their own experiences. Your mileage may vary, and if it does I hope you will share some of your favorite songs on this topic!

We're living in an interesting time for narratives about survival. The public conversation we've been having since the #MeToo movement exploded has been exciting and frustrating at times. Overall though, what excites me is that firsthand accounts are finally beginning to get the attention they deserve. Some of the songs on this playlist are about the difficult place that comes after pain, some are about anger, and some are about power and hope. It can be difficult subject matter, but I find inspiration in a group of women reaching out and letting fellow survivors know they're not alone, and that a happier future is waiting for them. I hope you will too!


  • "New Skin" by TORRES
  • "A Pearl" by Mitski (and trust me, you're going to want to see this music video)
  • "Mad" by Solange ft. Lil Wayne
  • "Hey Mami" by Sylvan Esso
  • "Talkin' Bout a Revolution" by Tracy Chapman
  • "Revolution Lover" by Left at London