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Mixcloud is offering DJs a new and legal way to stream live sets and mixes

This pandemic has affected musicians and artists in many ways, but at least thanks to platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitch artists can at least connect with fans and reach new audiences during these uncertain times.

However, it is a little different for DJs. Not only has COVID-19 affected their income, but technically it is not as easy to stream DJ mixes and sets on these platforms. DJs can do it, but they face copyright takedowns and muted audio due to licensing issues. Mixcloud has released a solution to this problem.

Mixcloud, which is platform for DJs to post mixes and sets legally, announced a product that will allow DJs to streams their sets live via video called Mixcloud Live.

From the press release:

For many artists, DJs, nightclubs and festivals, live events are often the majority of their income, if not the entirety. As we enter a new COVID-19 reality with music events cancelled around the world, many of these artists and institutions now face an extremely challenging financial situation.
Today, Mixcloud is unveiling  “Mixcloud LIVE” - the first music-focused solution to enable audio creators to live stream, immediately archive the audio (coming soon), and generate income - all via a legal and licensed platform.

The new live streaming tier has been integrated from the start with Mixcloud’s  SELECT program. Launched last year, the program enables creators to earn an income directly from fans who support their channel for a small monthly contribution.
In response to the corona crisis, Mixcloud is pushing a  New Systems initiative this quarter that helps audio creators build a more sustainable future. This includes waiving their fees on SELECT and for a limited time offering extended 90 day trials of  Mixcloud PRO for any new joiners.
“We hope that Mixcloud LIVE brings a little more fun - and maybe some dancing - into your home. Particularly at this time when the world is socially distant, and we all need to feel a bit closer. In addition, we are very focused on helping creators generate more income directly from their fans via their live streams” said Cofounder Nico Perez.
The new live functionality is available now for all PRO members and works with all major streaming tools such as OBS, Wirecast, etc.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee