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Our new show powered by new music begs the question: ‘What’s All This?’

Get ready to experience new songs crafted by artists both familiar and unfamiliar, genres both well-worn and dusty, sonic observations made simply in the name of exploration. On my new weekly program, What’s All This? Adventures In New Music, I’ll bring nearly 20 years of new-music exploration experience to the airwaves. 

At my last stop as music director of WMSE – 91.7 FM, I hosted a weekly program called The Rockleidoscope Show (it was easier to say than it looks) that also featured completely new music and regular appearances by artists for live in-studio interviews and sessions. On top of that, I produced, booked and hosted WMSE’s Local/Live program — a weekly program dedicated to supporting Milwaukee and Wisconsin-based musicians with a live studio session and interview.

Off the air, I've spent many years writing music reviews and features for local and national outlets, plus I grew up playing music myself. If for some reason you want even more about me, All Access asked some great questions in an interview not too long ago.

All of that informs what you’ll hear from me on air at 88Nine: an ear for new sounds; the experience to recognize and thread melody, beat and composition together naturally; and a constant excitement about what’s next while always paying respect to what’s come before.

Every Sunday at 4 p.m., you’ll go on an adventure in new music that will hopefully leave you asking: What’s All This?