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Bug Moment books its debut-album party in the Back Room

Bug Moment Facebook

Our city’s lucky to have a bunch of artists on the rise and venues eager to give them — and the local music scene — a boost. Two members of that scene are going to make some noise in 2023 as they drop their debut albums, with the Back Room @ Colectivo hosting a pair of release parties.

We already told you about Scam Likely’s Saturday night show Jan. 21 in support of Getting Worse, which will be in the wild the day before. This week was Bug Moment’s turn to announce a March 18 date in the Back Room to celebrate the release day for The Flying Toad Circus.

The self-described “alternative emo-adjacent band” will get a little help from fellow Milwaukeeans Spoy and Oshkosh band Shoobie as openers for — as Bug Moment’s Jasmine Rosenblatt put it, “a whimsical night of music.”

Whimsy aside, the band has taken some big steps forward in the last year-plus. What started with Rosenblatt and Gray Edwards is now a quartet thanks to the additions of Aidan Hoppens on drums and Elias Dorsey on bass. Expect that evolution to carry over to the new album, which Rosenblatt told Urban Milwaukee will still have the band’s hyperpop and electronic sensibilities, albeit in a way that’s “much more serious sounding than our previous album.”

Serious sounding yet whimsical. If that doesn’t pique your curiosity, head down just a bit to listen to Bug Moment’s latest single, “Dust Mite.” You can pick up tickets for the album release show in the Back Room @ Colectivo right now online and at the Riverside box office.