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Beyoncé’s world tour is coming to … not Milwaukee, but close

A line of women in gold outfits dance on a large stage during a concert in a stadium atmosphere.
Beyoncé / Facebook
Beyoncé performed on stage at Soldier Field during her last tour in 2018.

By no means do we cover every major announcement that does the famous Chicago-Minneapolis bypass of Milwaukee. But, you know, Beyoncé. So here we go.

The biggest artist on the planet will launch her Renaissance World Tour on May 10 in Stockholm, Sweden, with stops at Huntington Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on July 20 and Soldier Field in Chicago on July 22 (update: AND July 23). This is Beyoncé’s first tour since 2018’s On the Run II that played a couple nights on the Bears’ home field and one where the Vikings call home (although she opted for the University of Minnesota football stadium this time around.

I can’t imagine why you’d need background on why this is a big deal, but in case you do, our very own Chris Alexander made a beautifully succinct case in our list of favorite albums of 2022. Beyoncé’s Renaissance landed in the No. 2 spot there, but it’s hard to imagine this not being the top tour of 2023.

If you want to see it in person, there’s a somewhat convoluted process laid out by Live Nation here on the ticketing frontpage. It involves becoming a Ticketmaster Verified Fan, registering for one of three groups, and then surrounding yourself with as many good-luck items as you can scrounge up as you wait to see if you’ve been selected.

The deadline to register for Chicago is 10:59 p.m. this Thursday, Feb. 2, while Minneapolis is 10:59 p.m. Feb. 9. Good luck out there. We’re all rooting for you.