414 Music: The New Red Moons

414 Music: The New Red Moons

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Today we The New Red Moons on 414 Music for a live, unplugged performance of a few of their new songs.   

The story of The New Red Moons goes back to the autumn of 2008. Joe McIlheran (lead vocals, guitars) had just recorded a solo album. Kavi Laud(drums, vocals) who had played with Joe in various projects over the last several years had played on the album, and now the two searched for a bassist so they could play these songs live. In stepped Jeff Brueggeman(bass, vocals), who had been playing with Joe in The Jayme Dawicki Band since 2007. The three started rehearsing and after a gig in January of 2009 decided the project warranted a name, and The New Red Moons, rock trio, was born.

They released their self-titled debut last year, and have continued to write new songs, and perform all over Milwaukee.  They are playing at the Cactus Club on April 7th with Flojo and The Van Goghs.

To hear today's performance, click play below.


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