6 great new albums to binge on this weekend

6 great new albums to binge on this weekend

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Father John Misty — Pure Comedy


Since releasing the first single from the album, anticipation has been high for one of the biggest names in indie music. After releasing three more singles since, Father John Misty’s album ‘Pure Comedy’ has finally arrived. The album is reminiscent of the iconic singer-songwriters of the 1970s, such as Harry Nilsson and Elton John, and doing so in a way that no one else can. The lyrical content hits about as big of a scope as possible; to quote 88Nine’s own Justin Barney “He’s writing thesis statements on what it’s like to be a human being, and no one else is even trying stuff like that.” ‘Pure Comedy’ will surely be one of the best albums of 2017, and is recommended for music fans everywhere.




At only 22 years old, Joey Bada$$ has been putting himself on the map with his classic East Coast hip hop sound since early 2015, with his debut album ‘B4.DA.$$.” With his new album, entitled ‘ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$,” the young New York rapper has only gotten bigger and better. He managed to keep his same swagger and energy while expanding his instrumental sound, experimenting with different flows and focusing on more socially conscious lyrics. With this album, Joey Bada$$ may start bringing back the East Coast sound that so many hip hop fans know and love. ‘ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ is recommended if you like classic hip hop and socially conscious music.


Future Islands — The Far Field

Future Islands - The Far Field

Very little music in the world can be as infectiously catchy as electropop, and the new album from Future Islands is certainly no exception. The atmospheric production, rolling basslines and borderline-silly vocals all make this album sure to get stuck in your head. This is the kind of album that every dedicated music fan needs every once in a while: it is easily accessible to any kind of listener, and is full of simple catchy songs that don’t require your full attention to really appreciate. While they may seem like a dig at Future Islands, it definitely is not; not every album needs to be some deep dive into complicated lyrics and chord structures. It is catchy and simple, and that’s all you need sometimes. ‘The Far Field’ is recommended if you like synth pop, funky basslines and weird singing voices.


Allan Kingdom — Lines


This Minnesota rapper first made a name for himself in 2015, when he was featured on Kanye West’s Grammy winning single “All Day.” Since then, Allan Kingdom has continued to grow into his own as an artist, releasing a mixtape entitled ‘Northern Lights,’ as well as some scattered  singles. His official debut album ‘Lines’ has officially been released, featuring singles such as “Vibes” and “Know About It.” The album takes instrumental influences from a diverse range of hip hop subgenres and international music, and Kingdom’s vocals explore beautiful melodies and outlandish flows. ‘Lines” is recommended if you like alternative hip hop or melodic hip hop.


Whips  — The Ride


Milwaukee hard rock band Whips has released one of the best local albums of the year with their sophomore project, entitled ‘The Ride.’ This album features a sound that is hard to perfect; it has that raw, unhinged feeling that people often want from rock, while still maintaining high production quality and a clear sound. Especially for a local band like Whips, this is no small feat, and is the perfect sweet spot in rock for many. Between this, the aggressive female vocals and the shredding, catchy guitar riffs all make this album a total headbanger. ‘The Ride’ is recommended if you like hard rock, technically skilled guitars and aggressive vocals.


Alexandra Savior — Belladonna of Darkness

Given that is produced by English indie rock superstar Alex Turner, it is no surprise that Alexandra Savior’s debut album sounds eerily similar to previous work by Arctic Monkeys and Last Shadow Puppets. Entitled ‘Belladonna of Darkness,’ the Portland singer’s album all feels as though it could be in some sort of surrealist James Bond film. It harkens back to the 1960s, with a retro rock sound that, combined with her voice, is overly dramatic and dark in the best way. Simultaneously, the album laces elements of organ and electronic music that give it a fresh feel. ‘Belladonna of Darkness’ is highly recommend if you like Arctic Monkeys or last Shadow Puppets.

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Say goodbye to your paycheck and/or free time this weekend! Despite the unfortunate non-release of rap god Kendrick Lamar, there is absolutely no shortage whatsoever on great music to binge to this weekend. With great releases from the world hip hop, indie pop, hard rock and more, no listener should be left unsatisfied. Here are just six of the countless great new albums being released today:

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