Four days of people-powered programming

Four days of people-powered programming

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88Nine Radio Milwaukee
We're pulling out all the stops to show you why you should support us!

Throughout all the challenges of 2020, we’ve kept our chins up, but the time has come for honesty: we’re in the middle of the hardest membership drive we’ve ever run. We’re $100,000 away from the goal we need to reach to keep Radio Milwaukee on-air.

It’s a scary place to be, but we have to reach our goal to end this drive. To help us get there, we’re pulling out all the stops to show you why you should support us! Scroll to see what we’ve got planned…

Today, we’re showing our love for a fellow Milwaukee treasure: the Milwaukee Film Festival. In honor of the first day of their festival, everyone who makes a sustaining monthly gift today¬†will get a digital voucher to watch one film for free.

Tomorrow, IT’S ALIVE is back with another day of live music! We’ve all been missing live shows, so Dori, Marcus and Ayisha picked out some of their all-time favorite live albums to share with you. Tune in, and say thanks with a contribution!

On Saturday, Dori Zori is taking over Let’s Hear It, the listener request show from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.! So get ready for good vibes all day long, and get your fingers ready to text in your song requests and your support!

Monday is an ALL-DAY flashback show! We’ll start with 80s in the morning, 90s in the midday and 2000s in the afternoon. Our DJs will plug in some of their favorites, but you know we need your people-powered suggestions to make it a true flashback show.

And on Tuesday we’re blowing out the whole day for the first-ever ALL-DAY request show! Why? Because the most important member of our team is YOU, our community. We’re opening up our airwaves for whatever you need to hear on Tuesday, and we need to hear from you with your support.

Truly, Radio Milwaukee can only make it with support from our community. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to give, consider this your sign!¬†We’ve never needed your support more than we do right now.

Here’s a lil flashback sonic inspiration for you… Will you be our hero?