IshDARR proves he is the next big thing at Turner Hall

IshDARR proves he is the next big thing at Turner Hall

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(credit: Brianna Griepentrog)

(credit: Brianna Griepentrog)

The rapper performed with a nine piece band that included saxophonist and New Age Narcissism member Jay Anderson, Sista Strings, B Free and more. Being that it was Jay Anderson’s first time performing with IshDARR, he said that he didn’t know what to expect.

“I am actually shocked and overwhelmed,” said Anderson. “He is incredibly humble and honest about his work, and is so talented.” After three weeks of intense rehearsal, IshDARR’s moment to shine finally can at Turner Hall last night, and that is exactly what he did.

IshDARR exuded an aura of pure control over the crowd and the band that most are not capable of. According to Anderson, this really is a special talent. “In the last few rehearsals, he’s even been surprising himself,” he said. “He’s been learning how to work with a live band, and the rate he’s learning at has just been insane.” This group of talented musicians performing with him were energetic and excited to be on stage with the rapper, and performed arrangements that brought IshDARR’s tracks to another level that can only be experienced through live performance.

This obvious confidence was met with a genuine humility for how far he has come in these few short years. He seemed truly excited to play for these dedicated hometown fans, at a venue where many local artists dream of performing. Anderson says this opportunity was well deserved for IshDARR. “He is really really talented, and this whole thing is kind of a testament to the idea that, if you want it, no matter what it is, you can go out and get it,” he said

(credit: Brianna Griepentrog)

(credit: Brianna Griepentrog)

Seeing IshDARR on stage with a full band, and the immense stage presence and charisma that he brought to the stage, was proof that he is more than ready to be the next big thing in hip hop. He performed beautiful arrangements of the hits that have earned him over 7 million streams on SoundCloud, such as “Locals,” “Sugar” and the massive “Too Bad,” while still bringing an electric, youthful energy necessary for any hip hop show. Anderson believes that this performance is just the beginning for what IshDARR may do.

“He’s gonna shock some people, and he’s gonna scare the shit out of some people,” he said. “I think he has some really high prospects to possibly be the next Kendrick Lamar level rapper.” While this may seem like unreasonably high praise, seeing him on stage only further proved that he has the potential to be a superstar, and proved that he could be something truly special for the growth of Milwaukee music.

Seeing artists like IshDARR perform on one of Milwaukee’s biggest stages is an incredible testament for what may be to come for Milwaukee hip hop. “I think it’s really important, because it gives people the ideology that these shows are ok to have,” said Anderson. “It lets everyone know that this is something you can have, and this is something to strive for.” To see how far he has progressed and matured artistically was apparent during his performance, and it means that this is a possibility for other Milwaukee rappers moving forward.

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The 20 year old Milwaukee rapper delivered an electric performance at Turner Hall last night along with a nine piece band

20 year old Milwaukee rapper IshDARR has been on quite the hot streak since last fall. Between dropping his third mixtape, ‘Broken Hearts and Bankrolls,’ going on tour with THEY., being cast in a movie with Matthew McConaughey, and releasing a new EP tomorrow for Milwaukee day, IshDARR has some serious momentum in his favor. He managed to raise the bar and show a new, unexpected side of himself with a show at Turner Hall.

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I think he has some really high prospects to possibly be the next Kendrick Lamar level rapper.

Anderson also believes that this kind of collaboration between one of Milwaukee’s biggest rapper, and some of the city’s most talented musicians, is a necessary step for Milwaukee music. “It has to happen. We’re hitting the crest point where, if you don’t want to participate in this level of collaboration, you are probably going to get left behind,” he said. “At this point, just rapping over a scratch track isn’t going to do it anymore. Just playing instrumental music isn’t going to do it anymore. Everyone is starting to understand that this is what we should be doing.”

If his explosive performance at Turner Hall last night was any indication, it is safe to say that IshDARR could soon cement himself as Milwaukee’s Drake; not just through his commercial success, but through his dedication and excitement to help music grow in his city. His pride for Milwaukee, his commitment to collaborating with other Milwaukee artists, and his incredible artistry could all potentially propel Milwaukee music into the national spotlight along with the rapper himself.

IshDARR’s latest EP, entitled ‘Four the Better,’ will be out tomorrow on all major music platforms.