Jordan’s Annual Holiday GIF Guide

Jordan’s Annual Holiday GIF Guide

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As we head out of the office for the holiday weekend, you may find that you forgot to send a holiday greeting to some of your peers, co-workers, or other acquaintances.  No need to draft a lengthy letter, or waste money on postage that you will likely not get to the post office on time, let a GIF spread the holiday cheer.

Here are my top 10 Music themed Holiday GIFs of 2016.

10.) Because let’s face it, we all were excited about Blonde in 2016


9.) Nothing more classic than Charlie Brown Christmas dance party.


8.) For that Grinch in your life


7.) I think this is still a relevant pop culture reference…isn’t it?


6.) Still love me some JT in 2016


5.) But we can’t forget the classics.


4.) John Oates.. of course this is awesome!


3.) Daft Punk + Christmas = amazing!


2.) Don’t really need to explain why this one is on the list.


1.) Well I can’t watch this, without hearing this song on loop in my head! LOL


Hope this guide is helpful, as you send off those final emails this afternoon. Whatever you celebrate this holiday season, I wish you the best.

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Sometimes words are not enough to express how much we care.

If a picture is worth “a thousand words”, how many words is an animated GIF worth?