New music from Beck – stream it here!

New music from Beck – stream it here!

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Beck just released the new single, “WOW” today at 11:00am CST. Stream it below!

Last summer Beck gave us the vintage-tinged “Dreams” to jam to all summer and it looks like we’ve got a fresh one to blast this year.

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Stream "WOW" - the new single from Beck

The demo version of “WOW” is storied to have sparked dance parties at the Beck household and quickly became a favorite soundtrack of friend and family playdates. Now you have the chance to play this for yours.

The full album is coming October 21 on Capitol Records. Until then, stream the single, “WOW” below.

Get ready for synth slide-whistles and retro-futuristic beats:

Here’s where to get the single for your very own:

Google Play:
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Lyric Video (Vevo):
Lyric Video (YouTube):

Find artist interpretations of the track on Instagram here: