Vote For Your Favorites In 88Nine’s 4th Annual Milwaukee Music Awards!!!

Vote For Your Favorites In 88Nine’s 4th Annual Milwaukee Music Awards!!!

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On February 17th, we will announce the winners of 88Nine's 4th Annual Milwaukee Music Awards, and we want you to pick the winners.  We have several categories for you to pick your favorite Milwaukee music, bands, shows and more. 

Here are the categories:

1. Album of the year

2. Song of the year

3. Solo artist of the year

4. Band of the year

5. Catchiest Song Of The Year

6. Best Album Artwork

7. Music Video Of The Year

8. Best Saturday Session

9. Memorable Live Show

10. Best Milwaukee Album/Disc We Missed

11. Best Milwaukee-based music blog

Go vote now for your picks. Then on February 17th, we will announced the winners as voted by you.  Then later that evening, join us at the Wherehouse (818 South Water Street), for the Milwaukee Music Awards Show!!! Details to come later.

Vote in the 4th Annual Milwaukee Music Awards Listener Poll!!!

Here are some of the nominees:


 Cedar AV – Cedar AV
Paul Cebar – One Little Light On
Decibully – World Travels Fast
Lab Experiment – Lab Partners
Fresh Cut Collective – Fresh Cut Collective
Frankie Flowers – New Beginning / Big Bad Wolf
Jaill – That’s How We Burn
Mike Benign Compulsion – Rockling Musical
Chris Demay – Bigger Than Small
Bo Deans – Mr. Sad Clown
New Loud – Measures Melt
Automatic – Transistor
Ethan Keller – Profit
James D – James D
Kings Go Forth – Outsiders Are Back
Wild Birds – Sunshine Blues
1956 – Low Tide
Ragadors – BlackInkySwells
Mc Oneself – I Of The Storm
Tim Schweiger & Middle Men – The Big Let Down
Trapper Shoep & Shades – Lived And Moved
Fever Marlene – The Way We Broadcast
Eric & Magill – All Those I Know
Scarring Party – Losing Teeth
Herman Astro – Herman Astro
I'm Not A Pilot – Need Money For Rocket Fuel
Faux Fir – Faux Fir
Pezzetino and LMNtylst – Lub Dub
Def Harmonic – Figs
Lunaversol 9 – A Novel Slur
Call Me Lightning – When I’m Gone My Blood Will Be Free
The Goodnight Loving – The Goodnight Loving Supper Club
KHB – Remember The Name EP
Signal Drift – Two Agents
Klassik – Death Of A Beat Maker
Juniper Tar – Howl Street EP
Fatty Acids – Stop Berries, Berries, and Berries
Conrad Plymouth – Conrad Plymouth
Lorn – Nothing Else
At Latl – Safe, Sound and Temporary
Willy Porter & Carpe Diem Strings – Live at BoMa
Jonathan Burks – Red Pulpy Mess
Testa Rosa – II
Matthew Haeffel – Rhythm Ethics
Melissa Czarnick – Rasberry Jesus
Kyle Feerick – The Change / The Balance
Adoptahighway – I Can’t Remember
Mike Mangione and the Union – Offering   

Solo Artist Of The Year

 Paul Cebar
Frankie Flowers
Chris Demay
Ethan Keller
James D
Mc Oneself
Lunaversol 9
Jonathan Burks
Matthew Haeffel
Melissa Czarnick
Kyle Feerick

Band Of The Year

Cedar AV
Lab Experiment
Fresh Cut Collective
Mike Benign Compulsion
Bo Deans
New Loud
Kings Go Forth
Wild Birds
Tim Schweiger & Middle Men
Trapper Shoep & Shades
Fever Marlene
Eric & Magill
Scarring Party
Herman Astro
I'm Not A Pilot
Faux Fir
Pezzetino and LMNtylst
Def Harmonic
Call Me Lightning
The Goodnight Loving
Signal Drift
Juniper Tar
Fatty Acids
Conrad Plymouth
At Latl
Willy Porter & Carpe Diem Strings
Testa Rosa
Mike Mangione and the Union   

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