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Lala Lala wants you to leave her a voicemail

(833) LALA-NOW is the phone number you can call to listen to snippets of songs from the new Lala Lala record. You can also leave Lillie West, who is Lala Lala, a voicemail. And she will listen to it. She said that people probably think that she won't, but voicemails are her favorite thing. The hotline started as a way for people to hear her new record, "I Want The Door To Open," which is a record that she has been perfecting for years, doing as much as 35 takes to get just one song right. It's her magnum opus, and you can hear it in the album.

In the interview we also talk about falling in love with Sisyphus' rock, and Lillie reveals what the key is to getting the proverbial door to open.

Here is the song Lillie can't stop listening to: