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The War On Drugs on The Rolling Stones "Voodoo Lounge"

"I feel like that album needs to be re-evaluated as a modern classic," War On Drugs lead singer Adam Granduciel says of The Rolling Stones' 1994 album "Voodoo Lounge."

It helps that "Voodoo Lounge" came out at the perfect time for a young Granduciel who was just falling in love with music. He remembers being awed by the album roll out and even saw them tour the album. "We were so far away that even the Jumbotron looked small."

The reevaluation of "Voodoo Lounge" comes after we talk about Granduciel's dad, a conversation inspired by the song "Rings Around My Father's Eyes" off The War On Drugs' new album, "I Don't Live Here Anymore." And a look into the band Harmonia, the krautrock band who is name dropped in the song "Harmonia's Dream."

The War On Drugs are playing two nights in Milwaukee on Feb. 12 and 13 at The Riverside Theater. Information on the show here.

The song that Adam's new son, Bruce, recognizes from "Voodoo Lounge."