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'Once I'm all-in on a relationship, aren't I totally f*cked?': Snail Mail summarizes her new album 'Valentine'

When Snail Mail's Lindsey Jordan made her breakout album "Lush," she was a child. That's what she says. She says she literally grew up between the last album and this one. She took over in the production studio. Every lyric means something. Or, "Turning my experience into careful narratives," as she puts it. It's more grown up in every way.

Lyrically, too. My favorite line on the album is "Doesn't obsession just become me?," from "Forever (Sailing)." "You can kind of use that lyric to describe the whole record," Jordan tells me. She says that the lyric is saying "Once I'm all in on this relationship or any relationship, aren't I totally fucked?'

That's "Valentine" right there.

Here's the song Lindsey Jordan can't stop listening to: