5 Songs We Can’t Stop Listening To (ON AIR PREMIERE!)

5 Songs We Can’t Stop Listening To (ON AIR PREMIERE!)

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5 Songs We Can’t Stop Listening to is a secret we pass to you. These are the songs that we rip to our phones and play at the gym. These are the songs that we are going to play at the party this weekend. These are the albums that we are going to drop the needle on this Sunday morning, when the party is over.  

We are excited to announce that 5 songs is ON AIR THIS WEEK!! And every week from here on out. So here is how it works:  

1.       The 5 songs column is posted every Monday.

2.       We air a produced piece on 1 of those songs each weekday

3.       If you miss any segment, or want to find out all the songs before they air, go here! Browse the songs, and listen to all the pieces on this soundcloud link below.



Hamilton Leithauser- Alexandra

Hamilton Leithauser is a crooner. Like Sinatra and Dean Martin, and the Rat Pack serenaders of the 1940s. He bears a black tuxedo in video for this song. The album’s cover is a black and white portrait of Hamiliton smiling over his shoulder, presumably in front of a Vegas crowd. But the crooner persona really comes forward in the delivery. Like Dino, he is singing a lovers lament, but it’s a bit tongue in cheek. He is suffering, but not too much. He is still having a great time. In this lament, he is telling Alexandra, “Hey, I’m drinking, smoking and carrying on, but at the end of the night, I’m thinking about you, babe,” 

Hamilton Leithauser’s new album, “Black Hours,” comes out this Tuesday( June 3rd.)

Listen if you like: The Walkmen, Walter Martin, Sinatra



Parquet Courts- Sunbathing Animal

Parquet Courts new album “Sunbathing Animal” is my ALBUM OF THE WEEK. In the produced piece this week, I played the loud and fast single, Sunbathing Animal. Parquet Courts does loud and fast really well, but they also do a great job with slow rolling blues songs on this album, like this 7 minute rambler, Instant Disassembly.

Parquet Courts new album, “Sunbathing Animal,” comes out this Tuesday( June 3rd.)

Listen if you like: Hard and fast rock ‘n’roll, garage, The Rolling Stones



Saintseneca- Happy Alone

There is a difference between being lonely and being alone. Being lonely is a feeling. Being alone is a choice.  You have options. Someone wants you to be with them, but you are choosing to be alone. When you choose to be alone, you can also be choosing for someone else to feel lonely.

In this song, the lead singer is choosing to be alone from the person that is making him feel lonely. And it makes him feel good that he can finally has the choice to be alone.

Saintseneca’s new album, “Dark Arc,” is out now.

Listen if you like: Maps & Atlases, Typhoon, Deer Tick



Canopies- Getting Older

Hazy and far off, the vocals in this song come to you like an idea in a daydream does. Somewhere in the background, trying to make themselves clear over sounds and ideas, but sometimes not clear enough to come to the tip of your tongue and form one clean sentance.  And, like most daydreams, it suddenly ends, and brings you back into the daylight.

They live, work, and play right here in Milwaukee

Canopies hasn’t announced a full length…yet

Listen if you like: Milwaukee music, synths, dreamy vocals



Lee Fields- Magnolia

I met Lee Fields once. It was outside of the Red Door on a hot night in Austin Texas. My friend and I bought a bottle of whiskey that we had hid in the bushes on the far end of the smoking deck. After Lee’s set we went outside to take a slug of our jug and low and behold, out comes Lee Fields himself, in a snakeskin suit. And I walked up to him. I was working at my college station at the time, and I said, Lee I have been playing you all time time. And gave me the warmest hug and said thank you brother. I gave him my card. cause he was busy and I asked him “where are you playing next?” and he said “Brooklyn!” and he walked off into the sunset. That would be enough, but when I returned to Madison, I checked my email and there was a message from Lee’s manager with and attachment. I was Lee, voicing a liner that said “This is Lee Fields and you’re listening to, (the show I had at the time).

He didn’t have to do that. I was just a punk kid working at a college station that no one listened to. But he remembered me. He remembered the little guy, and made a liner just for me. And I’ll always remember that.

Lee Fields new album, “Emma Jean,” is out this Tuesday (June 3rd.)

Listen of you like: Van Morrison, Solomon Burke, Charles Bradley



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