5 Songs We Can’t Stop Listening To with Unknown Mortal Orchestra

5 Songs We Can’t Stop Listening To with Unknown Mortal Orchestra

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With music from Morgan Delt, Gringo Star, Nick Cave, Mild High Club, and Moses Sumney

 Unknown Mortal Orchestra

1. Unknown Mortal Orchestra picks “Some Sunsick Day” by Morgan Delt

Every week we ask one artist that we love to tell us about one song that they love. We are here with Ruban Nielson, of Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Justin Barney: Ruban, what is one song you can’t stop listening to?

Ruban Nielson: There is this song by a band called Morgan Delt. The song is called “Some Sunsick Day.” It has this keyboard hook in it that just like, it just gets stuck in your head. It’s one of those things that gets stuck in your head that is really welcome. It can kind of get you through a day with this thing looping in your head.

*hook plays* *laughter*

Ruban: That goes through the whole song. And the song is really awesome, but it’s this one particular thing.

Justin: What do you like about the hook?

Ruban: What do I like about it? It makes me feel happy and good.

The song itself is cool, but its just this one hook is so crazy that it overshadows everything, but that’s fine.


  • “Some Sunsick Day” was released on Morgan Delt’s album “Phase Zero” which is out now via Sub Pop.
  • Listen if you like: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, hooks that won’t quit, welcomed earworms

2. Gringo Star – “Get Closer” 

Every person has a wall. An emotional wall. Some are very high, some are low. I don’t think that you can be in a relationship with someone without getting over and living within that wall.

And that is what this song is about. Lead singer says “You look nice, but you’re cold as ice.” The rest of the song he is chipping away at that ice, scaling that wall. It’s a plea for this person that he is singing to to lower that wall and let him in.


  • Gringo Star’s new album, “The Sides and in Between” is out now via Nevado.
  • Listen if you like: sun soaked guitars, Burger Records, garage rock

3. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – “Jesus Alone”

Nick Cave’s music has always been defined by how great of a writer he is. He’s a storyteller. He writes stories and they’re dark, and they’re beautiful, oftentimes there is a touch of loneliness and sadness.

Last year Nick Cave’s 15 year old son fell off a cliff to his death. And Nick Cave, who has written about tragic characters in his songs has been met with true tragedy himself. One can’t even imagine.

This is the first thing that he has written since that incident.

It’s a dirge. It’s dark. It’s Nick Cave reaching out in the only way he can, with his voice.


  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds new album, “Skeleton Tree” will be released on September 9th via Bad Seed Ltd. It will coincide with a film, “One More Time with Feeling” that will screen at The Oriental on September 8th.
  • Listen if you like: poetry, tragedy, grief

4. Mild High Club – “Homage”

Justin Barney: This is 5 songs we can’t stop listening to and I’m here with my boss and our Program Director, Jordan Lee.

Jordan there is a song that we were just bumping to. We both love this song. The song is Mild High Club doing “Homage.” What do you love about this song, J?

Jordan Lee: The first thing that I love about it is that I had never heard of them until our music meeting on Monday.

And this album sound like we stole it from your dad’s record collection and it had maybe some tie-dye cover art that was real trippy.

Justin: Yeah, every time I hear it I’m like This is Tame Impala meets Mac Demarco, and I love everything about it.

Jordan Lee: In 1974!

Justin: *laughs* Yeah! Super spacy, super fun. Just having a good time.

Jordan: And the effortless drum fills in a true Ringo drumming style? Love it

Justin: Love it.


  • Mild High Club’s new album, “Skiptracing” is out now via Stones Throw Records.
  • Listen if you like: Tame Impala, Mac Demarco, Ringo drum fills

5. Moses Sumney – “Worth It”

There is an auto-tune conspiracy. There is this idea that everyone is using auto-tune and it’s ruining music.

I’ve heard music fans say that artists should be banned from using auto-tune because auto-tune it’s not “pure” or “real.”

But the thing is auto-tune is a technique. If you are against using auto-tune on a voice, you must also be against electric guitar or using a distortion pedal. It’s the same thing.

I know the human voice is a sacred thing, but you can have a beautiful voice and use auto-tune. Just listen to this song by Moses Somney. The song is almost nothing but his voice and the beautiful effect of auto-tune.


  • Listen if you like: auto-tune, a very simple song, powerful vocals