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Star power shines on Gorillaz’ blindingly bright “New Gold”

Every Monday, “Add of the Week” unveils all the new songs going into the 88Nine on-air playlist, with one hand-picked selection put in the spotlight by a member of our music team.

Gorillaz’ 2023-slated and eighth studio album, Cracker Island, will feature a bevy of high-profile guests. Thundercat, Stevie Nicks, Bad Bunny and Beck are just a few of the stars in that constellation, which also includes a pair of supernovas on just-shared freshie “New Gold.”

Tame Impala and the Pharcyde’s Bootie Brown go a long way to ensuring this track stays true to its name and shines bright. Its sound is classic Gorillaz, while Kevin Parker's psychedelic swoon and Brown’s smart delivery playfully trade punches, giving off a transcendently hip glow. 

You can listen to “New Gold” below and on 88Nine, either by tuning your FM dial in Milwaukee or streaming worldwide here on our website and our official app.

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