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Charly Bliss start a new era by finding their happy

Every Monday, Add of the Week unveils all the new songs going into the 88Nine on-air playlist, with one hand-picked selection put in the spotlight by a member of our music team.

Nobody has a voice like Eva Hendricks. It takes all of about half a note from the Charly Bliss frontwoman before you know exactly who you’re listening to and what’ll come blasting out of your speakers over the next couple minutes.

Although, regarding that second part, things seem to have changed since we last heard from the alt/indie pop quartet out of Brooklyn. Even the “out of Brooklyn” doesn’t really apply anymore since Hendricks decamped to Australia and found some solace after, as she put it, “how sad and tortured I felt during the Young Enough album cycle.”

In notes accompanying the release of new single "You Don't Even Know Me Anymore," Hendricks said: “I moved to Australia and felt a million miles away from who I had been in New York. Like I had been reborn happy, carefree, and slightly less pale.”

That self-contentment is all over the band’s first new music in four years, which represents a pretty big shift from their previous LP that tested Hendricks’ emotional limits. Whereas Young Enough was mostly anthemic — the kind of tracks that helped Charly Bliss quickly build a devoted following — the new single is laid-back, self-assured pop with lyrics to match:

Here's your leather jacket, thought it'd save me, but now
I gave myself a makeover and I'm blissing out
You wanna talk and talk it over when you see me around
And yeah, you act like it was perfect
I don't think it's worth it
You don't even know me anymore

Part of the explanation for the sonic swerve is one of the song’s producers: Jake Luppen from Hippo Campus — a band that knows a thing or two about pop music’s ability to come across confident without being overbearing. Charly Bliss seem to have taken a page out of their playbook for “You Don’t Even Know Me Anymore” and seemingly much more to come, as Hendricks noted that the single “came together quickly and set the tone for a new CB era.”

You can get a glimpse of the new era via the video at the top of the page and listen for “You Don’t Even Know Me Anymore” spinning through the 88Nine playlist.

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