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New Music November Mixtape

I'm baaaaaaaaack... from Costa Rica that is, and I've got a new Sound Travels mixtape covering some excellent new global music from all over the place. I'd say it's good to be back but that'd be an insult to Costa Rica (seriously, visit Costa Rica (soooooo dope!)). But about the mix... The music here is for the most part, new and from the last part of the year though there are a few exceptions... A mix that has no specific focus genre-wise, but instead is about getting the word out about some great new releases.

Releases like the latest compilation from the ever impeccable Soundway Records whose latest, a compilation called Ten Cities, is a cross-cultural experiment pairing 50 producers and bands from Europe and Africa that in many ways is just to hear what happens. While the results vary, the three that start the program are at turns darkly tribal, refined and afrobeat-hot as well as dancehall-friendly in the most digital way. Releases like the latest from Gilles Peterson's Cuba series, Havana Cultura Mix: Soundclash! which like Ten Cities, pairs European electronic artists with Cuban artists who are both rooted in tradition while exploring what that might mean in a future that they are in fact creating.

New Nigerian pop from some of the genre's hardest hitters; Wizkid with a cut from his latest Ayo and the super popular DaVido hit "Skelewu." "Skelewu" is one of those game-changing songs that has inspired a whole new dance on the African scene (also called Skelewu btw.) Plus, my bootleg of the week from globe-trotter Captain Planet and J-pop from 2NE1, (pronounced as either twenty one or to anyone.) I ended the mix with a couple of older cuts but all in all, I know you'll enjoy it adventurous listeners. take a listen or two...


November New Mixtape | Sound Travels Nov. 23rd 2014 by Marcusdoucette on Mixcloud


Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee