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Arab Electro Mixtape

In all my time putting together Sound Travels mixes for 88Nine, I've had the opportunity to make mixes of every imaginable sort.

That said, it's a little weird I have never made a mix entirely of Middle Eastern music. Not that I didn't have the material, just never did an entire mix.

Until yesterday that is...

...and what a mix it was! Fantastic and free-ranging from all over the Middle East.

From Moroccan Gnawa to Arab hip-hop to Egyptian chaabi, this mix has a lot to it. Most of it features new and underground artists who would be hard to find on your own.

I've done the work, however, and this mix is a good start toward getting to know the sonic landscape of new Middle Eastern music.

Arab Electro Mixtape | Sound Travels Feb. 8th 2015 by Marcusdoucette on Mixcloud

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee