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Ambiance Congolaise Mixtape

It's a bit strange, given my overall love of African music, that it took me this long to really dig Congo music.

For what ever reason, I always sort of gravitated away from it. Like I was allergic to rumba.

Over the past few years, I'd sink into an album or two, but never did I really do the digging to get the real dirt. But then I just sort of warmed up to the beautiful harmonies, elegant guitars on bubbly melodies all over that rumba rhythm.

It just clicked. I warmed so hot I had to make a mix.

If you look at the map of Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is huge. If you look at the real map of the world adjusted for accuracy, it's like even bigger! So much music, but I think I have a fresh mixtape of vintage 50's and 60's-era (maybe 70's too), post-independence (from Belgium), with most of the major players.

This is a special 1 hour and 45-minute mix of serious tropical grooving. Congo music. Enjoy!

Ambiance Congolaise | Sound Travels April 5th 2015 by Marcusdoucette on Mixcloud

1. Kwamy "African Club"

2. Docteur Nico "Tu M'as Déçu Chouchou"

3. Bantous de la Capitale "Makambo Mibale"

4. Franco et Ok Jazz "Azda"

5. Docteur Nico "African Fiesta Congo"

6. Verckys "Nakomitunaka"

7. Johnny Bokelo et Conga Success "Tambola na mokil"

8. Elegance Jazz "Ngalula Marthe"

9. Joseph Kabasele & Grand Kalle "Table Ronde"

10. Kin-Bantou "Bandoki pt.1"

11. Samba Mapangala "Malako"

12. Tchico "Loango"

13. Franco & L'OK Jazz "Mario (Non Stop)"

14. Kanda Bongo Man "Angelina"

15. Franco & L'OK Jazz "Kelele"

16. Sam Mangwana "Timithe"

17. Tabu Ley et l'Afrisa International "On a Reconte"

18. Le Canon du Zaïre "Regret"

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee