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Reggae No Dead Mixtape | Sound Travels April 3rd, 2016


This weekend I had a chance to put together a mix of new reggae; mainly needed to share it because even though there isn't much of it on any airwaves, there's plenty of it being produced. Not only is there more new reggae than there are outlets available to showcase it, but there is a case to be made that the new generation gets it and the quality of that new stuff is easily as good as it was in the past. Though the greats of any genre cast long shadows, I feel like the future will recognize the era we're in now, as a great era for reggae. 

By no means a definitive mix, this rather, is evidence that reggae is thriving and good even if the pop power-brokers prefer controlled talents and PR machines. Enjoy the mix below...

88Nine Midday Host & Production Assistant | Radio Milwaukee