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Sound Travels Summer Mixtape Vol. 1


Lately, I've been kitting out my mixes on particular genres or countries, sometimes even eras but this mix needed something different. Heck, maybe I just needed something different, a bit more free. So in comes the Sound Travels Summer Mixtape; it's volume one so that I can add to it as the season and her music intensifies.

Lots of different, diverging sounds coming together in one listen here; from Imarhan's Tuareg rock to classic reggae from the late great Dennis Brown, from funky synth-driven Cape Verdean grooves to bubbling Haitian compas and much more. New jams from Congolese bush-rockers Konono No. 1 and jammy cumbia from Argentine Rolando Bruno side by side with 80's Brazilian funk and Andean pan pipes. This is a new world of combinations and music in one mix.

Not saying this is the definitive mixtape for summer, but I do think it'll sound nice in your repertoire of long-players. You know, stuff you can trust to be a good hour-long listen, something you can just leave playing and groove on.


Unknown - field recording

Snatam Kaur "So Purkh" exerpt

Inti-illimani "La partida (Víctor Jara)"

Dennis Brown "Easy Take It Easy"

Los Rakas "Smokin Love(Remix)

Natty "Seasons Change feat. Alborosie & Busy Signal"

M.Aii "Kalam el Leil"

Debruit "Kaçıyorum featuring Gaye Su Akyol"

Kondi Band "Yeanoh (Powe Handa Blingade)"

Marcos Valle "Estrelar"

Gilles Rivard "Je Reviens"

Fred Aucagos "Pangua Zô Pile Moin"

Imarhan "Imarhan"

JULS "Chalewote"

Borchi "Fitzo"

Poirier feat. Front "Pale Mal"

Rolando Bruno "Fiesta Trashera"

Sexy Zebras "Búfalo Blanco"

José Casimiro "Morti Sta Bidjàcu"

Konono N°1 "Nlele Kalusimbiko (Radio Edit)"

Batida "Bazuka (Quem Me Rusgou)"

DJ Jigue y Tumba Francesa La Caridad de Oriente "RIVE"

Bob Marley "Is this Love? (Dubmatix Re-Versioned)"

88Nine Midday Host & Production Assistant | Radio Milwaukee