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Innernational Jazz Mixtape vol. 2 | Sound Travels Oct. 9th 2016

Not sure what my druther was this week that made the jazzier side of global music my preferred theme, but it is what it was. Which is to say, it's done and now I can share the deal online with you. For some, the music in this mix might also be termed spiritual jazz and broadly credited to the school of John Coltrane. He was after all a foundation stone when one thinks of a jazz artist seeking to transcend the genre's constraints.

Though one could easily get a PHD just trying to get at what and where he was going, it is easily apparent to me that more examples of other jazz artists either following his lead or finding it within their own particular path, to seek a new path with jazz. This mix is a chronicle of some of those scenes and some of those particulars. From the Ethio-jazz scene to early afrobeat, African futurists and Gypsy jazz-ists, this mix incorporates many threads and a good long listen if you're good with grooving...

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee