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South African Funk Mixtape | Sound Travels Sept. 24th

The weekend was a funky one for me as I gathered some of the deepest South African funk grooves so they could have a good time together. A secret I've never hidden is the absolute love I have for South African music; from mbaqanga to Marabi Jazz, Kwaito to Kwela and SA house to to slinky horn driven funk and soul I love it all.

This particular mix was inspired by the recent re-issue of a ultra-rare funk record from a band called The Movers on Soundway Records called Kansas City. From there, I surrounded the choicest jam on the record, a tune called "Funky Fly," with a few other Movers cuts and other slick sounds from other obscure 70's and 80's acts including a slinky-sexy slow funk rarity from singer Letta Mbulu, rare grooves from relative unknowns like Ashiko and one of the most sought after South African funk grooves from Al Etto called "Hold on to Love." When it comes to Funk, few think of South Africa but I hope that a listen to this mix will change your mind at the very least...

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee