Afrobeat No Go Die!

Afrobeat No Go Die!

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More crucial afrobeat for y'all today, as part of our week of African funk flavor. Started it with Tony Allen's modern classic "Asiko" from the must-have album Black Voices. Still as fresh as it was when it came out ten years ago. Additionally, new schoolers Fanga, who hail from the south France, made the set as did San Fancisco's Albino!. The only cut of vintage was the one from The Comrades, which is a banger so proper it's really a sample waiting to happen. Peep the minimix…

Tony Allen "Asiko"

Fanga "Natural Juice (Ashanti mix)"

Albino! "Jing Bong Wah"

The Comrades "Bullwalk"

88Nine Radio Milwaukee