Alterlatino artists you should know

Alterlatino artists you should know

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This weekend’s Sound Travels was less a mix and more an introduction. I tried to share some newer artists or established ones on mostly new-leaning work for the Sound Travels Sunday set. Enjoy this Latin indie-alt (or, alterlatino) mixtape.

Stream the program from Sunday or immerse yourself in the Spotify playlist of mostly new Latin indie-alternative sounds from Spanish and Portuguese-speaking acts. Some classic, others quite new…


This week’s Sound Travels features the Grammy-winning Mexican indie/psychedelic rock band Zoé.

For me, genres are a tiring exercise, I like everything. If Latin indie-alternative sounds generic, it kinda should; what I really wanna share is a mix less concerned with being rock, reggae, pop, reggaeton, etc. and more about fresh sounds that really exemplify the diversity of styles throughout the Latin(x) world. Because Latin music is more than reggaeton, salsa, merengue and bachata, this playlist takes open mind of acceptance for artists and acts that break molds and cross boundaries and nation notions.

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This mix will make you wish you spoke Spanish better

Feel the universal language of music with Sound Travels, every Sunday night when DJ Marcus Doucette spins world music that takes us to the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Europe or this week…to Latin America, Brazil and Spain with some alternative music sung in español and português.

Listen to the mixtape below.