Faba Loba’s Afro-Cuban Awesomeness

Faba Loba’s Afro-Cuban Awesomeness

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Sound Travels on Wednesdays follows the trajectory of the new and why not? After all New Music Wednesday is a thing here at 88Nine, why not roll withit? 

We started the midday with an interesting tune from a band called Faba Loba who twist the notion of Afro-Cuban music in interesting ways. When I think of Afro-Cuban sounds I tend to think of the Cuban part more than the "Afro" part of the equasion . And it's often the case that Afro-Cuban is a term applied generally to Cuban music as a whole given the plurality of a country that is as African as it is European or indigenous. Faba Loba is a welcome revision to this idea.

The African part of their sound takes the fore here in their fusion of traditional Senegalese sounds undiluted; built around the wonderful kora sounds of Amadou Fall and fronted by singer Ibrahim Ba, whose vocal style compares very favorably to Senegalese singing icons such as Youssour N'Dour or Pape Fall. The pair are fortified and perhaps "Cubanised" by a pair of producers, Beston Barrett and Rafi Benjamin L'Oiederman and the sound really works well for all involved. Their "new" album Senegalesa was initially released in 2008 but is being released as a new product (presumably because of better support) which is fine with mebecause even five years after, it sounds remarkably fresh and of course different than anything I've heard on the Latin-African front in a while.


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