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Global Fusion

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Sound Travels is getting trip-hoppy all over an era of music producers who bridge many worlds together without really belonging to one genre entirely. The era is still underway as well even if the epoch is uncertain still. It's a gray area, but despite this lack of definition, many modern producers and DJ's are incorporating international flavour to their electronic underpinnings. 

Today, I played a few that fall under this umbrella. Artists like Soap Kills, whose music is one part trip hop and another more tradition-bound and Middle Eastern on the whole. Italian, Nicola Conte is similar even if the sound seem to get more of its basis in jazz and takes the musical excursion in a decidedly Brazilian direction.

Soap Kills "Ya Jarha Galbi" Arabeque Arba'a

Nicola Conte "Bosa Per Due"

Other artists, like Lisbon-based Buscemi are comfortable in many modern forms of electronic music and the beats Buscemi create are a wonderful underpinning for a sound that can run along many international lines be they Balkan, Latin or otherwise in a framework of downtempo chillout, house or drum and bass. Then there's the hot Latin vibe of Gerardo Frisina who, like Nicola Conte, flips jazz with Latin flavor. Checkem'.

Buscemi "Dipso Calypso" In Situ

Gerardo Frisina "Cubana" Cubana EP

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