Kizomba Angola Mixtape

Kizomba Angola Mixtape

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Okay, so I’d actually never put in any listening time with this style.

At least not ’til a couple weeks back, while surfing YouTube videos and stumbling across one for kizomba.

Kizomba, a style pretty big throughout Western Africa as well as parts of Latin America, had just never been in the frame for me. Strange that it hadn’t. It originates in Angola, and Angola music holds a big draw for me.

That all changed while watching this video that, simply put, had some of the sexiest dancing I’d never seen. (Think tango, but ten times as sexy!) And, as it turns out, some really dope music.

So I did what I do, which is dig. I dug deep and discovered songs I instantly bonded with, and decided to share in this particular mix.

To it, I leveraged a host of other Angolan sounds and came up with an Angola mixtape I loved making.

Take a listen here…



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