Kraut Of The Can, An Other Germany

Kraut Of The Can, An Other Germany

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Germany on blast all week for Sound Travels. With German Fest starting today, I just thought it was a good time to play some actual German music. Some of it is well-known, mostly though, a mystery for many. That said, I played a wide range of music from Germany. From rock-rock to Kraut-rock and brass bands as well. As always, no place is only what we presume, but like our own scene, a fertile bed of creativity where change is often another norm and tradition just one of its forms. Here's what we heard today…

Can "Vitamin C"

Siegfried Schwab "High Snobriety"

Wir Sind Helden "23.55-Alles Auf Anfang"

LaBrassBanda "Marienkafer"

Tele "Mehr Mehr Mehr"

Gila "Agression"

88Nine Radio Milwaukee