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This week, Sound Travels back to the Caribbean to the tiny, island nation of the Dominican Republic for some very hot tropical sounds. Merengue is the sound of the week and we'll be hearing some fine examples from not only the DR, but also from all over the Caribbean.

Merengue, perhaps named after the same thing that one might make a pie with, refers to the way the dancers look when getting down to this most danceable of sounds; like you're beating an egg on the dance floor. No matter how you like your eggs, merengue can't be beat for dancing, with it's quick and syncopated 2/4 rhythms and pulsing bass lines. Today, we began the theme I'll carry through the week and I got some good ones to start it.  

Wilfrido Vargas "El Africano" Merengue: Simply The Best 

Elvis Crespo "Suavamente" Dos Classicos

Grupo Mania "Me Miras y Te Miro" Veranza vol. 1

Limi-T 21 "Estas Enamorada" La Historia

88Nine Radio Milwaukee