Music From The Museque, An Angolan Odyssey

Music From The Museque, An Angolan Odyssey

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Working the week around the theme of vintage Angolan semba, which when translated, literelly means to "belly up" to your partner on the dance floor. Mostly from the early to mid 70's, these songs are songs of freedom in the truest sense as this music was discouraged under the stewardship of the Portuguese who controlled Angola up till you guessed it, the mid-70's. Cool stuff, and even more when we wrap this theme up tomorrow. Hope that you like it…




Urban De Castro "Rosa Maria"

Jovens Do Prendo "Ilha Virgem"

Os Kiezos "Comboio"

Elias Dia Kimuezo "Zon Zon"

Carlitos Viera Dias "Palame"

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