Rhumba Rock, Psychedelic Flamenco

Rhumba Rock, Psychedelic Flamenco

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We've been flowing with flamenco all week on Sound Travels and today I decided to break from the tradition just a bit. Not to say that anything that I played today isn't flamenco, it is, but it does differ a bit from the rumba flamenca of past days. 

When rumba went to Spanish colonies in the new world, it changed, became more rhythmic and incorporated the sounds of other cultures into the sound. Well that evolution has not stopped there. In the 70's, Spanish bands began incorporating psychedelia, and that is on display on the excellent comp Acid Rumba: Psychedelic Spanish Grooves 1969-1975. Also had a taste of hip hop in the fusion with Ojos De Brujo in the mix. 

Camaron de la Isla "Volando Voy" Flamencopolis

Bambino "A Meter El Gol" Acid Rumba: Psychedelic Spanish Grooves 1969-1975

Los Amaya "Bailan Mi Rumbita" Acid Rumba: Psychedelic Spanish Grooves 1969-1975

Estopa "Tu Calorro" Estopa

Ojos De Brujo "Bailaores" Techari

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