Rootstep Mixtape

Rootstep Mixtape

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At this point, you’d have to be pretty oblivious to not know what reggae is. But do you you know the ins and outs of reggae’s many sub-genres? Lover’s Rock? Dancehall? Rockers? Steppers?

While this mix can’t cover all the bases, it does give you an idea about the UK-developed steppers (aka steppas) reggae.

Steppers is different than almost any other reggae sound. Really, all the other sub-genres can also be steppers, because steppers is a beat. Four on the floor is one way to describe the rhythm. Danceable is another. Standard instrumentation is also optional and much of what is produced these days is digital.

Bass heavy and rhythmically propulsive, steppers has long been a favorite of mine. Peep the mix, it may become the same for you…


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