Samba Carnival!

Samba Carnival!

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If you can't tell, 88Nine is really getting behind the notion that Milwaukee needs a lil bit a Mardi Gras in its year. While we're gearing up for the Mardi Gras Bash next Tuesday at Turner Hall, Sound Travels is making the preparations global. Plenty of New Orleans music, but Sound Travels wants to widen the lens, and this week we do that by delving into carnival sounds from Brazil.

All week, samba, samba, samba; Brazil's best known invention and a kick-starter for any Carnival themed party. Today, more classics in a mix that also shows off some newer talent. If you missed the progressions, here's what I played…

Jorge Ben & Toquino "Carolina Carol Bela"

Martinho Da Vila "Samba Da Cabrocha bamba"

Seu Jorge "Pequines e Pitbull"

Trio Mocoto "Swinga Sambaby"

Copa 7 "Copa 7 No Samba"

Os Originais Do Samba "La Vem Salgueiro"

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