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Sound Travels The New

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Every Monday on Sound Travels we open the week with brand new tunes from every corner of the world (nevermind the roundness of it all), and I had a couple of tunes that certainly are new and a couple that are new only in the sense of a lack of exposure requiring their recent re-issuance.

In fact, I started the set with two tunes from Africa that have only recently been re-released. Compaore Issouf's "Dambakale" from the new compilation of grooves entitled Bambara Mystic Soul: The Raw Sound of Burkina Faso 1974-1979. It's another distillation of rare soul from the cats at Analog Africa that details a scene most of us have never even heard of, let alone where Burkina Faso is (North of the Ivory Coast btw). It's almost arbitrary that I chose this funky number, as most of the cuts on this album are pretty nice; and a nice intro to African Psyche funk and rock albeit through the lens of one country. Also on the re-issue trip is one from Nigeria's Lijadu Sisters. Their self-titled 1976 record is an amazing set of rockin' afrobeat that showcases the sisters' amazing skill while excoriating Nigeria's corrupt leaders– fire!

Compaore Issouf "Dambakale" Bambara Mystic Soul

Lijadu Sisters "Danger" Lijadu Sisters

Ever wonder what ska, rocksteady or reggae would sound like if you used the soundcard from your dusty OG Nintendo to make it would sound like? Look no further, the cats at 8-Bit Collective have it figured out and have a nice little comp of free material to spread their chip-tuned gospel called Rudeboy – Jamaican Music on Japanese Consoles. Download it free and judge for yourself. Eric Bobo's new album with DJ Bitman rounds out the day's flavor with a nice single called "La Calle" from their new album Welcome To The Ritmo Machine featuring Ana Tijoux. Eric Bobo, son of the legendary Willie Bobo and percussionist for not only The Beastie Boys but also Cypress Hill, is poised for breakthrough success with this release. If Ana Tijoux can do it despite the whole language/market differences, I see no reason this can't either. The beats are solid and the contributions from recognizable names like Chali2na are substantial. Let's hope the recognition is too because this album deserves it.

Bitmuch "Bam Dub" Rudeboy – Jamaican Music on Japanese Consoles

Eric Bobo & Latin Bitman "La Calle feat. Ana Tijoux" Welcome To The Ritmo Machine

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