Sound Travels The New…Hot Music, Cold Spring

Sound Travels The New…Hot Music, Cold Spring

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Every week, Sound Travels starts the week with some song that are new. This week, I found a bit of reggae from a master and some from a group that's writing their own style into sound, Toots & The Maytals in the mix as well as a New Zealand group calld The Black Seeds, that has an authentic take on the sound. Also new music from Brazilian Curumin and Some very Budos Band-esque sounds from The Bombay Royale

At 67, he'd probly be forgiven for not going as strong as he actually still does, Toots Hibbert nevertheless endures. Not only as one of the reggae world's best musician, but as one of the best of the old-schools still at it. In fact, Toots was touring with the Maytals as usual when the schedule gave him a brief respite last October. Even still, Toots used that time to kick it in the studio and ultimately cut the cover of Bobby Hebb's classic "Sunny." A nice version that sounds less like an exercise of conversion, from soul to reggae but one of transmutation, a version so solid that in a parallel universe, he may have been its originator.

Toots & The Maytals "Sunny"

Spring still lurks in heavy cotton and coats still don't drift far from the door but New Zealand's premier quasi-reggae crew The Black Seeds are heavy heaters with a sound that steams like dreams of a summer yet to come. A splinter cell of Fat Freddy's Drop, TBS' new album Dust and Dirt just dropped last week and is well worth it. There always seems to be that one cut on their albums but on Dust And Dirt, TBS has turned over a few strong songs. Roots reggae meets soul in their sound that succeeds largely because it doesn't try to be anything that it isn't. Good thing is, this isn't bad at all.

The Black Seeds "Pippy Pip" Dust And Dirt

I wasn't sure what to make of The Bombay Royale when their latest, You Me Bullets Love landed in my mailbox last week. Turns out, this retro-Bollywood band is quite nice and a group I wrote at length about last week. So I thought I'd bring it for today's show.

The Bombay Royale "Bobbywood" You Me Bullets Love

And, currently only available on vinyl, Curumin's new album Arrocha also made the list for the day. While I haven't had time to listen to the whole album, "Selvage (savage)" finds Mr. Albuquerque in familiar territory. Somewhere between the influences of hip hop, reggae and beats with a Brazilian feel exists the sweet sensibility Curumin has for the music that he makes. It's a unique and cool craft that he's working and if the lead single is an indication of what the album holds, then bring me more…  

Curumin "Selvage" Arrocha

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