Sound Travels to Martinique & Guadaloupe

Sound Travels to Martinique & Guadaloupe

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Back in the Carribbean this week for Sound Travels. In Particular, checking out the sound of two French-speaking islands, Martinique and Guadalupe. Musically, it makes sense to connect the two as they share a lot in common and have been linked historically in many ways, especially musically.

There are many styles to choose from in Martinique and Guadaloupe and today I got some very tribal sounds into the minimix. Music centered on the rhythm of the drum circle peppered with lyrics sung in creole. Incredibly dope!


Ti Celeste "Population Basse, Terrienne Au Abois"

Mas Ka Kle "Lese Yo Pale"

Dicktam "Enmi c Economi"

Fair Nick Stars "Arrete Mal Parle"

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