Tropical “Ism” On The “Schism”

Tropical “Ism” On The “Schism”

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Yesterday on Sound Travels, I wrote at great length about the origins of Tropicalia and the watershed album Tropicalia, Ou Panis Et Circences. Today, I'll be but a bit more brief. Of course tropicalia is the theme of the week and today I got a chance to play more music from that incredibly fertile period in the late 60's when Brazilian music began to look toward the rest of the world for their own inspiration. Add to that some pieces that are a bit closer to the mid-70's and owe much of their sound to that era.

If you were wondering, here's exactly what I played for you… 

Lula Cortês & Ze Ramalho "Maracas De Fogo"

Gal Costa "Tuareg"

Nara Leão "Opinião"

Jorge Ben "Os Alquimistas Estou Chegando"

Belchior "Alucinação"

88Nine Radio Milwaukee