World Music (De/Re)construction featuring Delhi 2 Dublin

World Music (De/Re)construction featuring Delhi 2 Dublin

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A trip through time and space today with some heady rythms; global fusion on Sound Travels. The theme being genre bendingly modern as well as international, gave me the opportunity to highlight a show coming to town next Thursday (October 27th) at Turner Hall. Delhi 2 Dublin is the band I'm obliquely referring to here and the show is highly recommended by yours truly.


Not the least of which being because I am personally gonna rock a set before they start. But also because these cats have one of the the better, high-energy shows I've seen in the past year. They came to Club Garibaldi last winter and absolutely killed it! I expect more of the same for this show and it being at Turner Hall means there'll be plenty of room to manouver, which comes in handy when you're hot on this sound, sweating out whatever series of moves is in your dance. Stay tuned for this weekend's electro-bhangra beat mixtape on The Sunday Sound Travels Mixtape.

Delhi 2 Dublin "S.O.S." 

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