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Listen to the Studio:Milwaukee session with Kaleo

They’re spelled differently, but pronounced the same (kuh-LAY-oh).

Our guy -- afternoon DJ Stephen Kallao -- is leaving the station for a great opportunity in California, and today will be his last band interview for us.  (insert sad face)

Oh, and about that OTHER Kaleo (which means “the sound” in Hawaiian, btw)… they played a Studio:Milwaukee session.

Listen to the player above to hear their performance and interview with their sorta-namesake.

We’re currently playing one of their songs, “All the Pretty Girls.”

Kaleo is from Iceland and is huge there (five No.1 singles). They’re in our area to play the Madison Magazine BBQ Festival Saturday night in Sauk City.  The four-piece band – best friends since elementary school – blends folk, blues, country and rock.

Kaleo performed this year at SXSW, which described the band this way:

“… ability to play different genres with equal skill, the vocals and mood reminiscent of everything from Bon Iver and Iron & Wine to Coldplay and David Gray, and wise-beyond-their-years songwriting…”