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Peter Mulvey, SistaStrings feel right at home on our stage

A man playing acoustic guitar stands between two women, one playing a violin and the other playing a cello, as all three sing into microphones.
Erin Bagatta

We love opening up our Walker’s Point home for Studio Milwaukee Sessions. But for as much as community members get to see during those mini-concerts, a lot happens before we throw open those big doors and welcome everyone.

Wednesday’s visit from Peter Mulvey, and Chauntee and Monique Ross (aka SistaStrings) was one where the pre-performance experience was just as special as the performance itself. There was just so much joy in the room — people hugging, laughing, reconnecting. If you were here for the session or listened to it on-air, you know that feeling soaked into every second of their live set.

Peter, Chauntee and Monique have such a wonderful energy to begin with, and the standing-room-only crowd took it to another level. There was raucous applause and whoops after every song, and laughter punctuating nearly every response during Dori’s interview as the trio talked about how they met, early gigs in Sheboygan and the wonderful problem of a packed performing schedule.

Inject some unbridled joy to your day by listening to the session. And if you like what you hear (how could you not), you can pick up their album on Bandcamp and see them live when they play the Back Room on March 23.

Set list

  1. Early Summer of ’21
  2. Lights Turning On
  3. Don’t You Ever Change