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Baby Rose packs an emotional punch at Studio Milwaukee

 A woman sings into a handheld microphone with her eyes closed in a darkened performance space.
Erin Bagatta

If you’ve heard Baby Rose on one of her albums or via her contribution to the Creed III soundtrack, you know how her vocal instrument transmits intensity that can make you well up or lift you up in equal measure. But if you’ve never seen her live, you’re only getting a taste of the emotion she’s capable of delivering.

The Grammy-nominated singer sat poised on a stool in the center of our stage for a Studio Milwaukee Session and gave everything she had to a room of our members. There were the vocals, of course, but also the expressions on her face and her subtle movements that almost guided the crowd through what she wanted them to feel. It was a moving set that included a couple songs off her recent release, Through and Through, as well as a cut from her debut album, To Myself.

In the middle of the performance, she shared her joy about being back in the Milwaukee area for the first time since her childhood (her dad’s family is from Racine), later telling our Anthony Foster that performing at family events set her off on this musical journey. She also talked about how much she relies on audiences to get her through the “very vulnerable experience” of live shows, the indispensable part of every collaboration, and how watching a conversation between Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash led to her booking some impulse studio time.

You can listen to the full Studio Milwaukee Session here, pick up her new album via Bandcamp and — for the full Baby Rose experience — catch her live in the Back Room tonight along with one of her trusted collaborators, Q, at a show presented by HYFIN.

Set list

  1. "Stop the Bleeding"
  2. "All to Myself"
  3. "Water"