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Studio Milwaukee Session: Grace Weber

Jen Ellis

The vocal talent that has come through our performance space this year for Studio Milwaukee Sessions has been a sight (sound?) to behold. Abby Jeanne, Say She She, Danielle Ponder — it’s an embarrassment of riches that got even more value piled on it Monday, when Grace Weber treated us to flawless selections from her new album, Paperflower.

Weber's name has always been associated with soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, but this project takes her artistry to new heights.

Even before we got things started, the energy in the room was dialed up for so many reasons. It was the first day of our Fall Membership Drive (Become a member today!). Discourse Coffee was busy slinging drinks out of the cafe space, which had sat dormant for so long. And, not least of all, we got to celebrate a member of our Radio Milwaukee family — the woman who lends her name and time to Grace Weber’s Music Lab.

It was only fitting that Weber was welcomed to the stage by her Music Lab colleague B~Free, who took that high-energy environment and pushed it just a little bit more with her introduction, setting the stage for the vocal calisthenics to come.

Weber warmed up the audience with the lead track from her sophomore LP before generously showing Radio Milwaukee some love. “This station has been a home for me for a long time. They’re one of the first stations that believed in me and really showed me that I can do this as an artist. So super grateful to be here.”

Then it was time to really show off as she performed “Do4Me” and “Intimate,” two selections packed with vocal runs that took Weber up and down her range. With the broadcast portion finished, she treated the live audience to “Awake,” one of her dad’s favorites and the perfect end to a session with plenty of familial love in the room.

After the performance, Weber sat down with B~Free to talk about her connection to radio (and Radio Milwaukee), how the Music Lab started and continues to widen its impact in its seventh season, and the experience of jetting off to Berlin for a very special performance.

You can hear the full session and interview using the player at the top of the page, find Paperflower on all major streaming services, and pick up tickets to the Nov. 9 hometown show of her upcoming tour at The Pabst Theater website.

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Set list

  1. “Fallin’”
  2. “Do4Me”
  3. “Intimate”
  4. “Awake” (non-broadcast performance)