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Studio Milwaukee Session: The Record Company

Jen Ellis

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Studio Milwaukee Sessions don’t get much more Milwaukee than this.

Years ago, after becoming a solid presence in the city’s music scene, Chris Vos made the big decision to pick up and move to Los Angeles. The success he and The Record Company found in the time since didn’t come easy — especially lately — but they came by it honestly. This performance was as much a celebration of that as anything else.

As Vos told a completely full room of friends, supporters and Radio Milwaukee members, “There were many times where this amount of people would’ve been enough for us to go to a whole city. The fact this is just a radio preview of a show is pretty amazing.”

Vos shared those thoughts a few hours ahead of The Record Company’s sold-out performance at Turner Hall Ballroom and, together with bandmates Marc Cazorla and Alex Stiff, played a rollicking set featuring tracks from their latest, The 4th Album.

When he talked to our Erin Wolf prior to the group’s tour, Vos mentioned that the Milwaukee show would be a “wedding reception meets friend reunion meets family reunion.” Their session felt very much like that as well — filled with good music and good vibes. The smiles from the stage were just as big as those from the audience, who punctuated each song with whoops and hollers and raucous applause.

During our usual mid-set interview, Vos and his compatriots talked about the “back to basics” approach that helped them get to the good place they’re at right now, the process of assigning meaning to music and how they found their sound (and an accordion) on the farm.

Vos also was kind enough to share a few words about 88Nine — unprompted, we promise — before launching into the last song, pointing out something we’re very proud of: “You think you’re just buying a radio membership or you’re just part of a little thing. It’s not a little thing. It’s these communities of forward-thinking listeners that give bands that don’t draw 10,000 people but draw between 50 and 1,000 — you’re the lifeblood of that.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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Set list

  1. “Talk to Me”
  2. “Off the Ground”
  3. “I Found Heaven in My Darkest Days”