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Studio Milwaukee Session: Quiet Takes

Jen Ellis

We’re used to championing local musicians here at Radio Milwaukee. It started with the city in our name and, thanks to State of Sound, has grown to encompass all of Wisconsin. It’s our way of helping artists who call this place home take their talents to the wider world.

But when singer-songwriter Sarah Magill, who performs as Quiet Takes, visited our space for a Studio Milwaukee Session, it was one of the few times we could recall when that process worked in reverse.

An Iowa native, Magill is spreading the word about just-released album Regrets Only, a project she recorded in Eau Claire. And although her various promotional materials contains words like “nomadic” and “wanderer,” one of the unintended consequences of the recording process was kinda-sorta becoming a Wisconsin resident.

“I’d been going up to Eau Claire for years to go to shows, and I recorded this album there, and I finally went back in April,” Magill told 88Nine’s Dori Zori during the session’s interview portion. “I was worried if I stayed too long it would, like, lose the magic. But, instead, I stayed for seven months. So technically I’m a nomad, but I really kind of live in Eau Claire. My friends are like, ‘You’re not a nomad. You live here.’”

Besides instantly becoming a potential future guest for State of Sound, Magill brought that inviting feeling of home to her session. Fueled by cool, lilting vocals and the softened sound she applies to her keyboard, Magill treated us to four tracks from Regrets Only that made it feel like the house shows she loves to play — friendly and comforting.

Come on into this Studio Milwaukee Session by using the player at the top of the page, and remember that seeing these performances in person is quite possibly the best part of being a Radio Milwaukee member. So check out all the artists we’ve welcomed in the past and then head over to our membership page to join today.

Set list

  1. “Meri Said”
  2. “Bruise”
  3. “Central Time”
  4. “Oxbow Shower” (non-broadcast performance)